Our Strength

GSNL’s knowledge, expertise and experience ensure the perfect solution for every horticultural lighting situation. GSNL is fluent in the language of the growers. Located in the largest greenhouse cultivation area in Europe with the highest yield in the world, we experience the challenges faced by growers every day. Growers focus on efficiency, yield and a hassle-free production process. GSNL provides its OEM partners with exactly the right HPS- en LED-drivers, housings and cabling to take care of everything. Our power and drive for innovation are underscored by our 101 granted patents and 81 product certificates.

Our strength comes from:

  • An explicit focus on horticulture and hydroponics.
  • Our 35-strong R&D department.
  • Our high development speed and considerable flexibility.

GSNL takes care of everything for growers who want to concentrate on efficiency and yield


We take care of the entire certification process for you. Benefit from our expertise with FCC, ENEC, GB/T, CSA and IPC standards.


GSNL designs electronics specifically adapted to suit your goals and requirements, enabling you to be flexible in your applications.

Tailored advice

Each problem requires a different solution. We discuss the issue with you and help you to design the perfect solution.


Achieve maximum efficiency with products specifically designed for your applications.

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