Our Solutions

GSNL translates its knowledge and experience into customer-specific HPS- and LED-drivers for horticulture lighting. We provide drivers for all conceivable voltages used worldwide: 120 volts, 240 volts, 277 volts, 347 volts, 400 volts and 480 volts. The wattages vary from 40 to 1200. GSNL also provides support in the realisation of the end product. For example, this might include the sub-assemblies, cable harnesses, control systems, and all else needed for lighting installations.

We offer

  • Customer-specific HPS- and LED-drivers.
  • Drivers in all voltages used worldwide.
  • Support for final production.

Unusual voltage? International certification required?
No problem for GSNL!


We take care of the entire certification process for you. Benefit from our expertise with FCC, ENEC, GB/T, CSA and IPC standards.


GSNL designs electronics specifically adapted to suit your goals and requirements, enabling you to be flexible in your applications.

Tailored advice

Each problem requires a different solution. We discuss the issue with you and help you to design the perfect solution.


Achieve maximum efficiency with products specifically designed for your applications.

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