Our Approach

GSNL’s solutions are always customer-specific. The R&D department assembles the right electronics necessary to meet the OEM partner’s specifications. For this, we use only high-quality components that are extensively tested prior to production. We use our knowledge, expertise and experience to identify and resolve any potential challenges in a high-quality semi-finished product. We provide advice on the components to be used for the end products and offer them via suppliers if desired. Finally, we arrange the certification of the components and semi-finished products. In this way, we take care of everything involved in assembling the most suitable components for the fixture, so that our OEM partner doesn’t have to worry about a thing.

Our approach consists of

  • Customer-specific solutions.
  • Optimal checking of incoming and outgoing components.
  • International certification of products.

GSNL’s knowledge, expertise and experience ensure the perfect solution


We take care of the entire certification process for you. Benefit from our expertise with FCC, ENEC, GB/T, CSA and IPC standards.


GSNL designs electronics specifically adapted to suit your goals and requirements, enabling you to be flexible in your applications.

Tailored advice

Each problem requires a different solution. We discuss the issue with you and help you to design the perfect solution.


Achieve maximum efficiency with products specifically designed for your applications.

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